Untaylored Search: A Swift Language Chrome Extension

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I started playing around with Apple's new Swift language and right away I started running into trouble. Google searches that include the term objective-c tend to yield very relevant results for iOS programming questions. Searches that include the term swift are not nearly as focused. I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

In addition to the pop star, it turns out that swift is just a really commonly-used word. So I started doing searches by adding a -"Taylor" to the end of everything. This helped quite a bit, got old pretty quickly.

So I wrote a Chrome Extension to help get better results when Googling for something related to the Swift programming language. It works by watching for when you start a search in the omnibox (the search bar in Chrome) with swift (all lowercase) and offers an 'UnTaylored Search' option (hey, I wrote it in an afternoon... it's a dumb name, but I had to call it something to publish it). The plugin mutates your original search query and adds a bunch of negative search terms to the end.

It transforms a search from looking like this:

Google: swift headers

to looking like this:

Google: swift headers -"Taylor Swift" -"Financial" -"Swift Trans" -"car club" -"cycling" -"dzire" -"pokemon" -"bird" -"maruti" -"Mourillon-Swift" -"Orin Swift" -"Wine Club" -"Swiftwater Cellars" -"Jonathan Swift" -"Rotary Club" -"Swift Creek" -"Suzuki"

It's messy, but effective. And definitely the kind of search term that you'd rather let a computer fill in for you. Hopefully some other people find it useful, and help them find what they're looking for a bit faster. The extension is available now on the Chrome Store:

Untaylored Search on the Chrome Web Store.

If you're interested in seeing how it's built, the code is on GitHub. I'm planning on writing up the steps to publish a Chrome App sometime soon (it wasn't hard, but I think a walkthrough would be nice).