Review: #AskGaryVee Audiobook

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This is the first book review I've done on this blog. I generally try to keep the reviews short and sweet (in a single Tweet), but I need a little more space for this one.

I've listened to a lot of audiobooks, but #AskGaryVee is the most unique departure from the traditional style of narration that I've ever experienced. It's everything that an author-narrated audiobook should be. Gary has gone off script in his other books (and as he does so, you imagine an engineer in a booth glaring daggers at him through the glass), but with this book he really embraced that style and ingrained it into the value proposition of the audiobook. You finish listening to this book knowing that you got something different out of it than those who read the paper book. Different enough that you consider buying a physical copy and re-reading the book right away. That is unheard of.

This is an audiobook for podcast-lovers. The Q&A format of the book lends itself well to spontaneous answers, or spontaneous updates to old answers, and Gary delivers each one with the same passion and candor you've come to love in the best podcast hosts. It leaves me wondering why audiobooks are always just someone reading the print version word-for-word. Publishers take note: I want more author-narrators to go off script and give extra off-the-cuff value in audio recordings. I want to see their human side, and I'll forgive any fumbles or ramblings; after all, I love podcasts too, so I'm already used to all that. I didn't realize it until I listened to #AskGaryVee, but now I want something more from audiobooks.

The actual content of the book will speak for itself as soon as you start listening. It's practical advice delivered clearly, thoroughly, and without condescension. The author really wants to make you a better businessman and a better marketer. He wants you to embrace the world as it is today: to show you how to run your business like it's 2016 and treat your customers like it's 2016. He cares — and it shows.

TL;DR: A truly unique audiobook experience, relevant business & marketing advice. 5/5 Stars. Recommended.