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Well this is refreshing. I couldn't stand the sight of my last blog, and I wasn't posting because I didn't want anyone to go there and see it.

This site is built with Anchor CMS, and is barely modified from the default theme that it ships with. Credit where it's due, @idiot did a great job with the default theme. I've tried a few other Wordpress alternatives, but eventually settled on Anchor CMS for its simplicity, ease of setup, and great-looking default theme.


While I love Perch as an awesome CMS to hand to clients with simple sites (well worth the money for this purpose), my last experience with their blog plugin was disappointing and frustrating. They've given their product an update since then, so it may be better now, but I didn't feel like going back to it.


Also in the running was the really slick looking Craft. As of now, it's still in beta, and has a good looking free tier. Their paid plans are 50% off while they're in beta. I don't mind trying out a beta product, and I don't mind paying for something good (Anchor is also in beta right now, Perch isn't cheap). I spent around 30 minutes trying to get Craft installed without luck, running into cryptic error messages that soured the experience for me. I moved on, but I plan on giving Craft another look when they get closer to release.


Anchor seems to be a good balance of simplicity and flexibility. The template files are really quite simple, and the admin interface lets you write in Markdown, which I find encourages me to focus more on content. You can save drafts of posts, and set custom slugs for their URL. Categories are easy to add, and search is baked in to the front-end. That's all I need for now.