Hosting a static website on AWS (with SSL)

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By combining four AWS services (S3, CloudFront, Route53, and CertificateManager), it's possible to host a static website that is performant and scalable for less than a dollar a month (depending on your traffic*).

S3 will host the files for the website, CloudFront will add some performance by caching the files at locations all around the world , and CertificateManager will give us a free SSL certificate. Route53 will let us put all these services behind the nice domain name we've purchased.

Watch this free new tutorial series to learn how to set up each piece. It assumes you've already created an account with AWS, and have a site that is made of only static files (html, css, javascript, images) — you can't run PHP or any server-side languages with this setup.

Part 1 is up now, introducing the project as a whole. This post will be updated as new parts are added.

* Check out the pricing pages for each service to estimate your cost based on the size of your site files: S3, CloudFront, Route53.